This was the biggest disappointment of the GOP convention for some Republican activists who see the party’s credibility hurt by some vile characters in their midst.

This is a summary from the Detroit Free Press:
“… Among the points of division is Republican National Committeeman Dave Agema, whose comments and social media postings have been widely condemned as racist and anti-gay. McDaniel had refused to be drawn into the controversy while (serving) on the RNC, though RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and outgoing Michigan Republican Party Chairman Bobby Schostak are among those who have called on Agema to resign.”‘Dave and I have had private conversations; I’m going to keep them private,'” McDaniel said Saturday. “‘There is no mechanism for removal. He’s not going to step down, so we’re going to move forward.'”

Beyond the argument that, yes, there is a legal way to remove Agema, it’s almost impossible to believe that Romney McDaniel didn’t secure some of her tea party support by promising to leave Agema alone.
It’s important to note that the RNC formally demanded his resignation and called on the Michigan Republican Party to “explore disciplinary options.”