Author: Chad Selweski

Snyder signs bill increasing role of ‘dark money’ in Michigan campaigns

Michigan was ranked last among the 50 states in government transparency and ethics by the Center for Public Integrity in 2015 and today the state took a big step backwards in trying to shore up its tattered reputation. Gov. Rick Snyder signed a two-bill package that will allow a flood of ‘dark money’ – cash that is not tied to any donors – for election campaigns. The end result could be unlimited campaign contributions doled out by corporations, unions and wealthy individuals. According to the Michigan Campaign Finance Network, supporters have argued that the bill codifies into state law...

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The myth exposed: Detroit not a prime destination for young Millennials

Several Detroit area websites that have popped up in recent years seem to exist solely for the purpose of cheerleading for the Motor City comeback. They portray the city as the home to urban lofts, music, the arts and bars with 94 kinds of beer – even if that description applies to just a small portion of Motown’s overall 139 square miles. At its height, this promotional groove focused on anecdotal evidence of hipsters moving from Brooklyn, aka hipster heaven, to Detroit’s downtown and Midtown areas. The latest example of Motor City hype is an online post published on...

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Believe it or not, jobs and taxes are wrong messages in 2018 race for governor

In a state where the unemployment rate has dived to 3.9 percent, where the primary manufacturing sector, the auto industry, has succeeded remarkably well, and where relatively low tax rates prevail, does it make sense that the 2018 Michigan gubernatorial election could be based on jobs and taxes? Or, should the campaign focus on more clued-in policy proposals such as apprenticeships, “ALICE” jobs and lowering excessively expensive college degree programs? Republican Attorney General Bill Schuette, who deserves the label of overall favorite for our next governor, announced his candidacy last week and immediately engaged in the GOP mantra of...

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Langton, Rocky and a McCotter return? Trott retirement fallout continues

UPDATE: I’ve been told that it now appears that McCotter is unlikely to mount a congressional comeback.   The political scuttlebutt has it that the Democrats are trying to recruit gregarious Detroit TV personality Charlie Langton to run for Dave Trott’s congressional seat, and that a frequent, outspoken guest on Langton’s show, “Let It Rip” on Fox2, former state representative Rocky Raczkowski, is taking a close look at running on the Republican side. Trott’s sudden retirement announcement has created a fury of speculation in the lawmaker’s 11th District, which includes western Wayne County and some of Oakland County’s largest...

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Kid Rock, Clinton and the clowns who protest

As if our divided, angry nation had not become inundated with every protest imaginable, clowns are demonstrating against the horror movie “It,” claiming that it presents an unfair portrayal of clowning in in general. Over the weekend, clowns in costume demonstrated outside a screening of the movie just across the border, in Ontario, and protests in the U.S. are also expected. The film is a remake of a previous movie based on a Stephen King book, featuring the ultimate creepy clown, that is three decades old. But in 2017 the claim is that the box office smash has resulted...

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