Author: Chad Selweski

How is it that birth control remains a contested issue in 2017?

In 2014, when Republicans and certain business entities made birth control a major national issue, I thought that certainly the GOP had lost its way – and its political compass. After all, birth control as a form of family planning had become a central tenet of American society starting in the 1970s. It allowed women to gain a foothold in the workforce and ended the days of many wives “barefoot and pregnant,” cooking in the kitchen. Yet, a family-owned Religious Right corporation, Hobby Lobby, challenged and won a Supreme Court case in ’14 against the Obama administration by declaring...

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Drolet’s anti-tax group on a winning streak

This is an excerpt from a column I wrote on Friday for Dome Magazine about the successful formula used by the Michigan Taxpayer’s Alliance to defeat local and regional millages.   By Chad Selweski Tax proposals presented by municipal and school officials typically enjoy a built-in advantage as government employees, their friends and family, and their labor unions present a united front in arguing that additional revenue is needed to prevent dire cuts in public services. Yet, a somewhat rag-tag anti-tax group based in Macomb County is on a “winning streak,” defeating four local and regional millage proposals while...

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In Macomb County, Feds finally indict Marrocco’s ‘Bagman’

This is an excerpt from a column I wrote last week For Deadline Detroit about Lido Bucci, who was Tony Marrocco’s right-hand man at the Macomb County Public Works office.   By Chad Selweski Dino Bucci finally met his match when faced by the feds. The right-hand man for former Macomb County Public Works Commissioner Tony Marrocco — the “godfather” of Macomb politics for a quarter century — Bucci is hit with 18 criminal indictments. Charges brought Wednesday against Bucci by federal prosecutors after an FBI and IRS investigation were not a surprise. He’s one of the few big fish hooked by the feds in...

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Spranger’s new approach: Kill the messenger

As kooky county Clerk Karen Spranger sinks deeper into layers of legal problems, the Macomb County official today manufactured a new defense for reports of her incompetence: A “hand-picked liberal journalist” has engaged in collusion with county employees and union officials to ruin her reputation. In a court hearing held before Circuit Judge Richard Caretti where she represented herself, the Republican clerk claimed that press bias has led to a potential legal injunction against her and that this conspiracy includes “hand-picked media to portray a ‘sky is falling’ attitude,’” according to The Macomb Daily. Spranger, who no longer has...

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Poll: Americans frustrated, conflicted over stricter gun laws

In polling, sometimes a candidate holds a commanding lead – maybe 65 or 75 percent – but polls on the issues rarely reach such a lopsided margin. Except when it comes to guns. In the wake of the latest massacre – the church attack in Texas that left 26 dead – a new national poll by Quinnipiac University found that voters’ support for universal background checks on gun sales is at an eye-popping 95-4 percent. Nearly unanimous. That’s up in the stratosphere along the lines of a response to a pollster asking, “Is the sky blue?” It’s a bit...

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