Author: Chad Selweski

Mass shootings make gun-crazy U.S. look like a freak show

After the Parkland school massacre that killed 17 people, a few thoughts on the ugly realities in America … In a nation with more than 300 million guns, limiting access to firearms would likely produce a very slow gain. Mental illness is often viewed as a key factor in mass shootings, though many studies show that the vast majority of those with mental health problems are not violent. Banning assault-style rifles, bump stocks and large magazines would help prevent mass shootings. But by how much? We’re now at the rate of five school shootings in the first six weeks...

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Media missed this story: Trump plans to paint, patch up structurally unsafe bridges

President Donald Trump held court at the White House on Tuesday to trumpet his ability to fix the nation’s crumbling infrastructure, even if that means repairs – rather than replacement – for the nation’s closed, unsafe bridges. In a largely unfocused discussion with governors, mayors and Cabinet members, Trump said that he favors fixing dilapidated bridges rather than replacing them. Some structures in that category are nearing 100 years old – or more. “They need paint, they need some fixing, not even a lot of money,” the president said. Last year, the American Society of Civil Engineers estimated that...

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Bipartisan backlash as Trump again tries to chop Great Lakes funding

President Donald Trump’s new plan to siphon nearly all federal funding for the Great Lakes generated a wave of bipartisan backlash from Michigan lawmakers. In the president’s budget proposal for fiscal year 2019, released earlier today, he called for a 90 percent cut in funds for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI), from $300 million to $30 million. Last year, in the face of congressional opposition, Trump tried and failed to eliminate all spending for the Great Lakes, which are known as the largest freshwater body in the world. The White House budget message today said essentially that Great...

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Schuette casts aside endorsement from St. Pierre

I’ve been remiss in failing to report that Attorney General Bill Schuette’s gubernatorial campaign has belatedly declined an endorsement from a former Macomb County “public administrator” that Schuette had suspended last year for allegations of wrongdoing. Attorney Cecil St. Pierre eventually resigned the Probate Court public administrator post, to which Schuette had appointed him, when the AG’s office launched an internal investigation of accusations that St. Pierre had profited from several estates. Nonetheless, Schuette’s campaign website had touted his endorsement from St. Pierre, the Warren City Council president and chair of the 9th Congressional District Republicans, in December. The...

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Michigan congressman calls budget deal ‘fiscal insanity’

Republican Congressman Justin Amash of west Michigan was aghast as the GOP-controlled House and Senate approved a massive budget bill that featured a $420 billion jump in spending negotiated by the Republican and Democratic Senate leadership. The Republicans got a huge, 2-year increase for the Pentagon budget, and the Democrats won a big boost for their favorite domestic programs over the same period. “This spending proposal is disgusting and reckless—the biggest spending increase since 2009. I urge every American to speak out against this fiscal insanity,” Amash (R-Cascade Township) tweeted hours before the budget votes early this morning. One...

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