A Republican candidate in November for the State Board of Education has announced her intent to make the race for two state school board seats a political contest based on Christian values.

Nikki Snyder is a U.P. native who lives in Dexter, a mom of three children who eagerly expresses her religious faith. She is a registered nurse, a former adjunct professor at University of Detroit Mercy, and a political newcomer.

In a lengthy Facebook message today, sounding exasperated, Snyder (no relation to Gov. Rick Snyder) said: “Are Democrats and Republicans really trying to purport that one is worse than the other when they tend to be hands off about policy and law that impacts #equalpay, #sextrafficking, #pornnation,#sexualassaultinschools, and many other topics that truly address the respect of young girls and women?”

Then she added this: “Think about the billboards down I-94 and I-96 advertising oriental massage until 2am. It is illegal to buy and sell sex, yet how has that been enforced with this administration? This certainly isn’t an example of respecting women.”

The obvious caveat here is that prostitution is a matter for local law enforcement, and it is certainly not an issue that pertains to the State Board of Education.

But Snyder, after revealing that she was once a victim of sexual assault, punctuates her FB message with a full-throated endorsement of Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy.

The top of the ticket and straight-ticket voting typically determines the outcome of the relatively obscure down-ballot race for Board of Education. The distinctions for Michigan voters in 2016 may be greater than any in recent memory as Snyder’s fellow Republican candidate, Ron Weiser, a longtime fixture in Michigan GOP politics, is one of the top national figures on the Trump fundraising team.