About half of Michigan residents are extremely concerned about the impact of the coronavirus while another one-third are somewhat concerned, according to a poll released today by Marketing Resource Group (MRG).

While 82 percent overall express concerns, 16 percent say they are not worried. The survey of 600 voters found that concern about the virus (COVID-19) is consistently high among all geographic areas of the state, demographic groups and political beliefs.

“COVID-19 is top-of-mind for voters across the state,” said Tom Shields, MRG’s senior advisor. “As the number of cases continue to climb and businesses remain shut down, we are also seeing a growing concern about the coronavirus on jobs, the economy and health care. This may be the only thing on voters’ minds in the months ahead.”

Though the poll was conducted March 16-19, before Gov. Whitmer’s announcement today of a shelter-in-place, statewide lockdown, the survey found significant support for previous actions taken to prevent the spread of the virus.

When asked about the response of government, sports leagues, the business community and others to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, 58 percent of voters agreed that the response was “about right.” Sixteen percent believe the response is “too extreme” with another 22 percent claiming the response is “not extreme enough.”

Poll respondents said that they feel the most important issue facing the state is coronavirus, cited by 27 percent, followed by infrastructure/roads at 16 percent and jobs/economy at 13 percent.

That number reflecting a third-place ranking for jobs and the economy could quickly rise as unemployment in the state skyrockets.

“The landscape and dynamics surrounding COVID-19 are continuously changing,” said Jenell Leonard, owner of MRG.