Oh boy. You know things are getting grim when a cemetery company sends an email message to their past customers explaining how they are dealing with the coronavirus outbreak.

This is not fake news or a crudge joke about space shortages at the graveyard.

Mt. Elliott Cemeteries, which operates five large cemeteries in the Detroit area, sent the email on Monday with this heading:

“Our Commitment to Serve Families during this Challenging Time.”

The message, similar to countless online messaging by companies eager to keep in touch with those they’ve done business with as the COVID-19 virus spreads, is a “dear families” letter to outline how they are complying with CDC guidelines at their cemeteries.

General Manager Michael Chilcote wrote that Mt. Elliott offices will remain open on a limited basis six days a week but customers can communicate by phone or email. Funeral pre-planning seminars have been cancelled until April 2. Funeral services continue, while respecting limits on the size of gatherings and in compliance with social distancing practices.

“Funeral services are continuing as scheduled following the state guidelines for gatherings,” Chilcothe explained, “and visitation on the grounds and for indoor and garden mausoleums remains in place.”