In this week’s column, Dennis Lennox of the Mount
Pleasant Morning Sun, perhaps best known these days as the loudest critic of
state Rep. Dave Agema’s homophobic statements, urges Republican caution in
embracing an upcoming bill that extends the rights of gays and lesbians.
The controversial bill would amend the state’s landmark
Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act to prohibit virtually all forms of discrimination
based on sexual preference.
The legislation is being prepared by Republican Frank
Foster, “a 26-year-old legislator from rural Pellston in the heart of cottage
country,” reports Lennox, a GOP activist.
Here’s a portion of Lennox’s piece:
“Foster’s amendment is yet to be introduced, though
reports from Lansing have several Republicans — in particular those who realize
the GOP has a serious tone and messaging problem — interested in
“Despite the left’s narrative, the issue is not
discrimination. What opposition is concerned about is the loss of religious
liberty, which has been the case in other jurisdictions where identical laws
were enacted.
“There are real cases of churches, clergy and others
being sued and even criminally charged for their religious views. A recent
example of this was a short-lived ban on former GOP presidential candidate Rick
Santorum from speaking at a Grosse Pointe high school because administrators
deemed his pro-traditional marriage position hateful.
“This becomes an even bigger issue with the likely
prospect of a ballot question in 2016 to do away with the state’s
constitutional ban on same-sex weddings. If this passed, all sorts of
discrimination claims would be raised under the pretext of anti-discrimination.”