Warren City Councilman Scott Stevens is at it again with his right-wing rants on social media, but this time he has seemingly advocated assassinating the FBI director and two U.S. senators.

On Friday, Stevens sent out a Twitter message denouncing Republican Sens. John McCain of Arizona and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina for their support of congressional hearings on Russian computer hacking of Democratic officials.

“Time to put a bullseye on each one of them,” Stevens tweeted.

The councilman’s message for FBI director James Comey was far less subtle. On Oct. 1, claiming that Comey should have brought criminal charges against Hillary Clinton,   Stevens tweeted: “Eat some lead, Comey. You sorry SOB.”

Stevens, who prides himself as a knowledgeable gun owner, serves on the council for the third-largest city in Michigan.

In recent weeks, Stevens has used Twitter to call President Barack Obama a Muslim who has helped radical jihadists enter the U.S. and attempt to infiltrate the CIA and other government agencies. He believes the Methodist Church is assisting in this supposed effort.

The councilman has also bought into the wild conspiracy that Clinton has arranged for the murder of numerous political foes over time. In a November tweet, Stevens refers to one of Clinton’s allies, Democratic Congresswoman Debbie Dingell of Dearborn, as a “call girl turned politician.”

Stevens, who was first elected to city council nine years ago, engaged in similar diatribes on Facebook in 2015, sometimes relying on far-right fake news websites to bolster his arguments. He called Black Lives Matter protesters “turds.” He said Muslims living in the U.S. must denounce their “false religion.” And he engaged in a prickly Facebook fight for days on religious matters with a local minister.

Stevens’ politics surely don’t match those of most voters in blue-collar Warren, a city dominated by Democrats for most of its six decades. But the council seats are nonpartisan and Stevens easily won re-election in 2015.

The only time he ran for partisan office, as a Republican candidate for state House in 2002, Stevens lost in a landslide.