If House candidate Steve Marino’s real intentions were to run the worst campaign for the state Legislature in recent history — and not to actually win election — he’s doing just fine with a month to go in Campaign 2016.

Marino, 27, a Harrison Township Republican, has an upcoming campaign fundraiser scheduled that will be hosted by Dr. Jennifer Franklin, who is under federal indictment for participating in a $6 million drug ring that illegally sold prescription pills on the street.

The Michigan Democratic Party will hold a press conference this morning calling on Marino, a former lobbyist, to cancel the fundraising party at Franklin’s Harrison Township home and to refund all the pre-event money raised from tickets sold. The press conference will be held outside the Macomb County Administration Building in downtown Mount Clemens as Marino, a county commissioner, arrives to attend a commissioner’s meeting.

Marino, of course, has become infamous over the past several weeks for being caught on tape saying: U.S. corporations should take advantage of overseas child labor laws in factories that employ kids 10 to 12 years old; the Social Security eligibility age should be raised to 75; outsourcing jobs to China is an effective means for corporations to avoid paying American wage rates; as a lobbyist, he paid big bar tabs racked up by state legislators; and that he engaged in a ploy to avoid paying part of his property tax bill on the lakefront home he bought from his father.

Meanwhile, the federal indictment unsealed by the Justice Department in March charged 10 Detroit area people with fraudulently selling prescriptions worth approximately 1 million pills of the highly addictive drugs Roxicodone and Oxycodone. U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuad said the defendants will face charges for conspiracy to illegally distribute prescription drugs between January 2013 and May 2015.

The ring was allegedly led by a West Bloomfield chiropractor who recruited fake patients to obtain fraudulent prescriptions from Franklin, 39, and a second physician.