I’ve been remiss in failing to report that Attorney General Bill Schuette’s gubernatorial campaign has belatedly declined an endorsement from a former Macomb County “public administrator” that Schuette had suspended last year for allegations of wrongdoing.

Attorney Cecil St. Pierre eventually resigned the Probate Court public administrator post, to which Schuette had appointed him, when the AG’s office launched an internal investigation of accusations that St. Pierre had profited from several estates.

Nonetheless, Schuette’s campaign website had touted his endorsement from St. Pierre, the Warren City Council president and chair of the 9th Congressional District Republicans, in December.

The endorsement was first included on the Schuette campaign site in December, six months after Schuette suspended St. Pierre indefinitely. The listing also came three months after the AG’s office worked with state legislators on bills to reform the public administrator process.

Last week, while praising the passage of that legislation, which was signed into law by Gov. Rick Snyder, Schuette said the reforms will protect the public from “bad actors” within the system. That was presumably a reference to St. Pierre and others.

On Thursday, the mention of the St. Pierre endorsement was removed from Schuette’s website.