A new poll finds the disturbing degree of blind faith placed in the Trump administration by Trump voters.

A survey by Public Policy Polling released over the weekend found that those who voted for the president support his proposed travel ban on predominantly Muslim countries and, by a 51-23% margin, they say a reason for greater protection against immigrants is the so-called “Bowling Green Massacre.”

Of course, the massacre never happened. Kellyanne Conway, counselor to the president, used those words twice in interviews with the media. But what actually happened in Bowling Green, Ky., in 2011 was that two Iraqi immigrants were arrested and convicted for planting IED explosives aimed at U.S. troops several years earlier during the Iraq War.

Beyond the frightening degree of ignorance displayed, the PPP poll found that Trump voters’ support for the administration’s actions during the president’s first three weeks in office stands in sharp contrast to the majority of Americans.

For example, 66% of voters consider the United States to be a safe country, compared to only 23% who consider it unsafe. The survey found opposition to Trump’s executive order on immigration and in particular disapproval of any attempt to establish a Muslim ban. They’re against a wall with Mexico and a tax on imports to pay for it.

From there, the poll only gets worse for Trump. A majority said they didn’t like the way Trump handled the EO, and they’re definitely not fond of his picks for the Cabinet and his White House staff, including Conway, Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller. Only 27% of survey respondents have a positive opinion of Michigan’s Betsy DeVos, the president’s pick for education secretary, while 49% view her negatively.

Race issues also present a sharp disconnect between Trump voters and the rest of America.

PPP noted that it was unclear earlier this month whether Trump knew who 19th Century civil rights pioneer Frederick Douglass was, and that puts him in pretty good alignment with his political base. Only 47% of Trump voters know that Douglass is dead, compared to 78% of Clinton voters who know that.

Even though they could definitely benefit from it, PPP added, Trump voters aren’t enthused about February serving as Black History Month. Some 45% of them have a favorable opinion of it, to 35% with a negative view. By contrast it’s 81-9% for Clinton voters. And in a measure of the race-based economic anxiety gripping Trump supporters, 46% think there should be a White History Month, while 36% oppose that concept.