A new statewide poll finds that voters are divided on the mental health of Donald Trump, with 47 percent saying they believe the president is mentally stable and 42 percent saying he is not.

Pro-Trump Republicans will express disdain that the question was ever asked, but pollster Bernie Porn of Lansing-based EPIC-MRA said he decided to include the question because the topic has been debated by political pundits of late.

News organizations have quoted some psychiatrists who voice concerns about the president’s temperament and his controversial posts on Twitter.

While 11 percent of those polled about Trump’s psychological health were undecided or refused to answer, very few voters are undecided overall about Trump and his first 11 months in office.

The EPIC-MRA survey found that Trump’s approval rating is at 39 percent, with just 17 percent saying they have a highly favorable opinion of the president. In contrast, 54 percent disapprove of Trump and nearly all of those, 45 percent, give him a highly unfavorable rating.

Trump’s job approval ratings are worse: 37 percent positive, 61 percent negative.

As for the upcoming races for statewide offices in 2018, Democrats hoping to make outgoing Republican Gov. Rick Snyder the bad guy during the campaign may be scratching their heads over the poll results.

The survey found Snyder with a favorable/unfavorable rating to his advantage, 49-39 percent. But his job approval ratings were 45 percent positive, 52 percent negative.

In a head-to-head matchup in the governor’s race among the two perceived frontrunners, former state Senate Democratic Leader Gretchen Whitmer continues to struggle with becoming a known quantity among voters. Some 64 percent of poll respondents did not recognize her name.

Republican Attorney General Bill Schuette is much better known yet the matchup with Whitmer is a statistical tie, with 38 percent favoring Schuette for governor and 35 percent preferring Whitmer. The choices were influenced by party affiliation and 27 percent were undecided.