If you haven’t seen it yet, The Huffington Post has
published online a stunning gallery of photos that show the amazing intricacies
of each snowflake, with the help of new photographic technology.
Here’s how the folks at HuffPo explain it:
“… Russian photographer Alexey Kljatov has devised a clever
way to bring the wonder of macrophotography to the minuscule world of
snowflakes. Using a
homemade rig
comprised of a working camera lens, a wooden board, some
screws and old camera parts, Kljatov captures the breathtaking intricacies of
snow, six-sided symmetry and all.
“The wide range of shapes Kljatov manages to document
certainly support the claim that no two snowflakes are alike. And while the
tiny crystalline sculptures appear too perfect to believe, the dedicated
photographer is able provide detailed instructions in both English and Russian for
artists who wish to replicate his process.”
NOTE: If you’re wondering about the seemingly hairy
backgrounds behind these snowflakes, another image on Kljatov’s website reveals
that some photographs are taken just as the snowflakes fall onto a carpet.