Macomb County officials have declared that they will not obey gun laws that they believe stray from the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, and that the sheriff and prosecutor must follow their lead.

Joining a national movement to create Second Amendment sanctuary counties, Macomb becomes the first county in Metro Detroit to reject enforcement of future gun restrictions.

With this move, which hardly got noticed, the county Board of Commissioners demonstrates a perplexing desire to play sheriff, prosecutor and Supreme Court justices.

Commissioner Veronica Klinefelt

By a 7-6 party line vote last week, the new Republican majority – the first in the board’s history – agreed to make Macomb a sanctuary county, meaning they could choose not to enforce gun regulations such as universal background checks, bans on military-style weapons, high-capacity magazine restrictions and red flag laws.

That committee vote still faces final approval at the full board meeting on June 24. But the outcome may amount to little more than a formality as the same 13 members will make that decision.

“(This is) saying, ‘We as a board, our position is, we don’t care what the courts have said or the legislature or the federal government, we’re deeming them all unconstitutional,’” said Commissioner Veronica Klinefelt, an Eastpointe Democrat who voted against the sanctuary status.

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This is an excerpt of a column I wrote for Deadline Detroit.