In case you missed it, Mark Brewer, who was one of the longest-serving Michigan Democratic Party chairmen in history, lost a bid for Macomb County commissioner in last week’s election – in the Democratic primary, in the Democratic area where he has lived for decades.

Brewer was the victim of a sharp split within the Macomb Democratic Party when he was ousted as state party chairman in 2013 after 18 years. His Democratic primary opponent, Elizabeth Lucido, outraised Brewer by a considerable amount and racked up key union endorsements. A member of the Macomb Community College board, Lucido also enjoyed the backing of numerous elected officials, including County Executive Mark Hackel, county Clerk Carmella Sabaugh, county Public Works Commissioner Tony Marrocco, county Prosecutor Eric Smith and county Sheriff Tony Wickersham – all Democrats.

All in all, Brewer lost badly, by 58-42 percent margin, in the Mount Clemens-based 9th District.

The Lucido name was also a factor in the race. Elizabeth Lucido is the wife of Judge Sebastian Lucido of the 41-B (Mount Clemens area) District County. Macomb County also has a state Rep. Pete Lucido (no relation), a Lucido law firm, a Lucido insurance company and a Lucido jewelry store.

This election completed the political downfall of Brewer, a party activist for decades, a former Macomb Dems chairman, and the longest serving state party chairman in the nation (1995-2013) when he was forced out. An attorney, Brewer remains active in Democratic Party causes, including the current legal fight over the elimination of straight-ticket voting in Michigan. It appears his political activities will now be limited to the courtroom.