The A-10 Thunderbolt aircraft, also known as the Warthog

I’m no military expert or strategist but I wonder: If we employed a couple of basic tactics in addition to air bombardments in Iraq (and Syria), would destroying ISIS become much easier than it seems?
First, drop cluster bombs along the Iraq/Syrian border (such as it is) to split ISIS in two. This minefield, created from the air, would severely constrain ISIS operations. No retreating back to Syria for those militants in Iraq. No reinforcements or supplies crossing the border from ISIS’ main base of operations in Syria over to Iraq.
Second, bring in the A-10s, the “tank busters” that have performed so well in Iraq in the past, to pulverize ISIS forces on the ground, piece by piece.
I suggest that approach might soften up ISIS to the point that ground troops brought in by the Iraqis, the Kurds and whatever the Syrian “moderates” can muster will be able to finish the job.

Anyone out there have any thoughts? (I’m sure the guys who fly the A-10 Warthogs out of Selfridge have something to say.)