There is a major follow-up to the post I wrote yesterday about die-hard Republicans and Democrats turning their backs on those primary election candidates that they deem not worthy of their respective party’s rigid view of partisan politics.

The Delta County Republicans have ripped on the infamous “Trucker Randy” Bishop for his endorsement of a Democrat in the Upper Peninsula’s 38th Senate District.

In recent years, Trucker Randy, chairman of the Antrim County Republicans, has become infamous statewide as a bigot and an oaf among the GOP’s right-wingers. But the Delta County GOPers, with prominent Upper Peninsula Republican Jesse Osmer speaking on their behalf, have slammed Trucker Randy’s “almost comical” endorsement of Democrat state Rep. Scott Dianda over former Republican representative Ed McBroom in the hotly contested state Senate race.

Osmer has a lot a stake in the coming weeks and months as he serves as GOP chair of the increasingly competitive 1st Congressional District in northern Michigan, where Republican freshman Congressman Jack Bergman might face an intense re-election campaign in the fall.

Osmer’s statement delivered yesterday goes so far as to raise implications that advertising on Trucker Randy’s talk-radio show may influence his political decisions.

Here is the statement published on the Delta County GOP website:

Controversial radio host, a convicted felon, and Antrim County GOP Chair “Trucker” Randy Bishop endorsed a Clinton and Whitmer supporting state Senate candidate Friday night in Escanaba. While speaking at the Upper Peninsula Conservative Political Action Conference (UPCPAC), Bishop praised and showed his support for pro-choice State Representative Scott Dianda, while bashing pro-life, principled conservative Ed McBroom in an angry rant.

Although “pro-life” Bishop has been quite supportive of Representative Dianda in the past, this public endorsement at a conservative gathering surprised some. Dianda also earned another endorsement last week—the endorsement of America’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood.

Moreover, the hypocrisy of Trucker’s endorsement is almost comical. On May 3rd, 2018, Bishop posted on Facebook that it was “VERY IMPORTANT” to have a pro-life governor. Does he think it’s “VERY IMPORTANT” to have pro-life state senators as well? You would think that Trucker understands basic civics and knows that important legislation originates in the legislature. Evidently, he doesn’t.

So, that begs the question: Why Did Trucker, as a sitting county GOP chair, endorse Democrat Scott Dianda over the two Republican candidates? If he isn’t a McBroom fan, he could have endorsed the other conservative in the race — Mike Carey. Is it because Scott Dianda is the only candidate running for the seat who has bought advertising on (Bishop’s) radio show in past election cycles? What was Dianda doing buying radio ads on stations that weren’t even located in the 110th District, anyway? Could it be because Trucker abandoned real auto insurance reforms (that Dianda also voted against) for the sham reforms pushed by trial attorneys and those getting rich off the current system? Maybe they bought ad time too because he sure changed his tune a few months back.

On top of all of this, as someone who has embarrassed the conservative movement numerous times, Trucker is still making bigoted statements. The latest example happened at UPCPAC. During his tirade about the 38th District race, he also discussed the gubernatorial race. While doing so, he referred to candidate Abdul El-Sayed as “the Muslim,” citing his religion in a derogatory manner.

There’s no doubt that El-Sayed’s policies are incredibly liberal, unrealistic, and bad for the people of our great state. However, by referring to him as “the Muslim,” Trucker is no better than radical leftists who use identity politics to attack us. In fact, he is taking a page right out of their playbook. Committed conservatives need to condemn his divisive language that only distracts from what is important—the policies of the opposing candidate and party.

The people of the 38th Senate District do not like when desperate activists from ‘below the bridge’ come and try to interfere in our races. Shame on you, Trucker, for caving in and supporting a pro-choice candidate while claiming to be staunchly pro-life. Shame on you for bashing good, faithful conservatives while touting yourself as the Antrim County GOP chair.

And, finally, shame on you for consistently embarrassing our movement while promoting yourself and your radio show. For the good of the 1st Congressional District Republican Committee and Michigan’s conservative movement, it’s time for you to resign.