This is an excerpt from a column I wrote for Deadline Detroit. 
By Chad Selweski

While recent polling suggests the Democrats have an advantage on Tuesday in statewide races from governor on down, the great unknown is what will happen in the place that has been labeled, “Trump County, USA.”

Macomb County was not only singled out as the most important Michigan county in Donald Trump’s narrow win here in 2016 – providing him with the state’s winning margin — it was labeled as one of the decisive counties in the nation as the Republican nominee cobbled together a surprising Electoral College majority.

With Michigan races for governor, attorney general, secretary of state and U.S. Senate on the line Tuesday, the mixed messages coming out of Macomb make political strategists from both parties nervous.

After all, Macomb has long held a national reputation as a bellwether county that almost always votes with the winner for president or governor going back more than three decades. It’s the state’s third-largest county and it sits atop the heap in political intensity.

Trump is not on the ballot but his strong support two years ago in Macomb could continue to influence a lean toward Republicans in a county that may be the deciding factor if the statewide races are close on Election Night. In recent days, on the campaign trail the president has said “I am on the (GOP) ticket” and that voters should envision casting their ballot for him when they choose congressional and state candidates.

While Trump’s approval rating statewide is still under water — 53-43 percent unfavorable — in Macomb County one sampling of voters indicates it’s on the plus side, 50-42 percent.

Still, this remains the overriding question: Is Macomb County still solid Trump country?

It depends who you ask.

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